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Hellenic Institute of Customer Service

About HICS

The Hellenic Institute of Customer Service (HICS) is a non profitable organization established in 2004, with the support of national and multinational companies as well as esteemed educational institutions.

Our Vision

To develop, advance and promote the quality of service offered to the customer, the citizen, the consumer, both in the private and public sectors as well as the advancement of customer service culture in Greece.

HICS’s aims

  • The creation and dissemination of specific knowledge in the area of Customer Service.
  • The upgrading and advancement of the greek standards in servicing for the people and the sector(s).
  • The reward of the best professionals in Customer Service in every sector or level.
  • The adoption of the best international practices by co-operating with similar institutions and organizations established abroad and the exchange of best practices between the members.
  • The development, advancement and recognition of services offered professionally and under Certification.


Breakfast Meetings

CEO meetings and Customer Service Champions’ meetings take place throughout the year for the top ranking executives of our member companies aiming to:

  • Exchange Views on the quality of services offered in the servicing of the customer/citizen/client within the existing socio-economic environment.
  • Provision of Specific Knowledge through targeted presentations from professional speakers in different industries.
  • Networking for the customer service professionals


Greek National Conference

Provides an interactive platform to expand on current international practices and exchange of views that contribute to the advancement of customer service, as well as the means to highlight how customer service departments can successfully overcome existing challenges.

CS Awards

National Customer Service Awards

Every December HICS celebrates the CS AWARDS. The aim is to Highlight, Promote and Reward the best and most innovative practices as well as the professionals of customer service in all the fields of servicing. The interested candidates can submit their participation in any one of the specified categories as these appear in the HICS electronic platform: www.csawards.gr

CS Open Days

Customer Service Open Days

During the CS Open Days period HICS’s non-member companies organize interactive events and open their doors to welcome HICS members to participate. Workshops, Study Tours και targeted Best Practices presentations are being held, with large numbers of participating professionals from almost all sectors of the greek industry.

CS Week

National Customer Service Week

Every 1rst week of October, the Hellenic Customer Service Institute (HICS) invites all its members to participate in the celebration of the National Customer Service Week. National Customer Service Week is a global celebration. It is celebrated in over 60 countries around the world. In 2008 HICS introduced for the first time in Greece this globally established professional practice with the aim to highlight the vital role of Customer Service, and to reward the people who work in customer service and support.

Daily Conferences

Highlight Best Practices, Innovations, Technology Tools & Advancements in the CS and CX fields These conferences are all day events and their agenda includes participations from companies well recognized in their sector of trade. Participations include Both B2B & B2C organizations from various market sectors such as Telecommunications, Banks, Consultancy firms, Retail, etc. For the HICS, such Conferences are an integral part of its practice and vision!

Educational Activities


Case studies, Best Practices applications, Targeted presentations on CS and CX, etc.

Executive programs in cooperation with Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece.

A high level and to-the-point educational course, aiming to cover the theory and practice that modern CS and CX entail. The participants who complete the three educational units obtain the Executive Diploma in Customer Service Management.
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Greek Excellence

Driven by all the prominent activities that are being carried out to celebrate the 200th year from the Greek Independence revolution, the HICS also wishes to Honor and Thank Greeks established worldwide for their prominent, exceptional work in their field of activity. HICS recognizes that being extrovert oriented and by becoming leaders in their fields of profession, greatly contribute towards the further enhancement of the the country’s name, promoting and honoring Greece worldwide.


Best moments

Moments of the recent years' activities