Epaphy is the Below the Line Advertising Agency - Technomarketing Hub, dedicated to the design and implementation of disruptive activations using high Tec innovative solutions with a 360-degree approach to the promotional needs of the modern company.  

Our company is one of the most innovative design and production hubs executing trade marketing projects throughout Europe for multinational companies.

Mission: Disrupt Human’s reality.

Vision: Spread the world the idea of learning agility development.

Our main areas of focus are:

1) Design and inhouse production of custom point of sale materials (P.O.S.M)
(Super Markets, Mini Markets, Exhibition Kiosks, HO.RE.CA.).  

2) Disruptive technological based activations.

3) Event management and execution.

4) Content creation and so
ware development.

Τηλ.: 210 831 5285